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The communities in which we are presently working on at the moment.

Located at the south-central gateway to beautiful Rockland, near the Ottawa River, this family-friendly community offers unique village-style living with all the appeal convenience of the Ottawa region.

Clarence-Rockland... a quiet, picturesque city nestled on the shores of the historic Ottawa River, an important waterway for early explorers, fur traders and missionaries.

With its humble beginnings as a lumber town almost 140 years ago, Clarence-Rockland has matured into a beautiful city of a little over 20,000 people.  Situated just 32 kilometers east of Parliament Hill and about 170 kilometers west of Montreal, the area offers both the quiet of the countryside and the urban offerings of a big city.
Wendover, Ontario is a small community on the Ottawa River in Prescott and Russell, Canada. There are approximately 1000 people in the predominantly French town. There is a large church, and many scenic views of the river. During the winter months, ice fishing is a common activity. Nearby, there is a small zoo, called the Papanack Park Zoo, and a provincial conservation area. Wendover is approximately 40 minutes from downtown Ottawa in good traffic along the Highway 17.

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